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5 Ways You’re Doing SOAP Notes Wrong

SOAP notes aren’t just about staying in compliance or documenting treatment plans. They can also protect you against a...

3 Ways to Prepare for an Increase in Visits at the Chiropractor

Do you need to increase patient visits? Our simple chiropractic software can streamline your workflow, which allows you...

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Chiropractic EHR

We’ve highlighted the top questions every chiropractor should ask before making the switch to a new chiropractic EHR. 

9 Ways to Streamline Your Practice Using Chiropractic Software

The software and systems you use to communicate with patients all have an immediate effect on your practice’s success. 

Increase Patient Retention by Providing an Out

Increase patient retention by discussing how long treatment plans are, and what patients can do when they can need to...

Insurance Billing

Don’t Let Insurance Billing Slow You Down

Cut the stress and collect the money you’re owed from insurance companies quickly by outsourcing your chiropractic...

Chiro One Wellness: Using Platinum Exclusively

Dr. Stuart Bernsen and Dr. Sam Wang founded Chiro One so that chiropractors could work and learn how to be wildly...

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