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Reduce Your Patients’ Wait Time at the Chiropractic Office by 25 Percent

No matter what type of appointment you have, the worst part is waiting for it. Reduce wait times at the chiropractor...

Growing Your Chiropractic Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn tips and best practices for growing your chiropractic practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chiropractic EHR

Conquering the Check-in Process During a Pandemic

Conquer the check-in process at your chiropractic practice for higher customer satisfaction, and for the health and...

Chiropractic EHR

How to Succeed as a New Chiropractor

Follow these steps to succeed as a new chiropractor.

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Platinum System Announces Rebranding, New Logo and Website

Platinum System announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, new tagline, and...

EHR Software

Financial Report of Findings Made Easy by Holly Jensen

Financial Report of findings made easy.

Chiropractic EHR Software

Hands Free Check In

Hands free check in for Platinum System


Dr. Jeremy Hess and Dr. Michael Viscarelli

You're Running for Community Chiropractor, and this is how you win!


Get the most from your Check In Process

Platinum System is the standard for Chiropractic Software. We make sure the process is fast and efficient from when the...