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Platinum Joins Forces With HIPAAMATE to Make Compliance Simple

Keeping your practice HIPAA compliant can be overwhelming and tedious. That's why Platinum has partnered with...

Insurance Billing

Don’t Let Insurance Billing Slow You Down

Cut the stress and collect the money you’re owed from insurance companies quickly by outsourcing your chiropractic...

Dr. Mile Bodzin - Cash Practice

Cash practice Dr. Miles Bodzin

Review Wave

Review Wave

Dr. Erik Kowalki

Why I started SKED

Dr. Jeremy Hess and Dr. Michael Viscarelli

Chiropractic Amped growing practice during a pandemic

Why Specialize in a field? Why Personal Injury?

Whiplash Group

Platinum Announces the Launch of Chiropractic Student Scholarship for 2021

One student will receive a $5,000 chiropractic scholarship to the chiropractic school of his or her choice.

Chiropractors: Helping the Posture Crisis One Spine at a Time

There's a strong connection between optimal health and posture. Unfortunately, our posture is taking a hit the longer...